Frequently Asked Questions

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The Rumour is the newest and best apartment complex in Tilburg. It has 60 apartments and studios and a big communal garden.
Gasthuisring 14, 5041 DS, Tilburg (Noord-Brabant, Netherlands)
It's easy! You can find a direct link to the booking website on our 'Apartments'-page, then you can check out everything that is still available. Through the booking website (Magis Rent), the whole booking process will be digital and easy!
Unfortunately this isn't possible, but it's possible to choose a room next to someone, if the specific room is still available.
Yes, you can choose any room that is available. We believe it's important to choose your own home.
With money ofcourse! (Which you will need to send to us by bank transfer or automatic collection of a Dutch bank account.)
When you have provided us with all the information, transferred the deposit and when you made an appointment for the key transfer. Your rental agreement needs to have started as well.
It depends (among others) on your age, income and the basic rental price and service costs. The Rumour does have a few apartments/studios that are below the rental allowance limit of €737,14 per month (which is the basic rental price + €48).
There is a notice period of two months.
If you cancel before moving in, the following rules apply:
  • Canceling a month or longer before moving in: We will hold back €250,- from your payment.
  • Canceling shorter than a month before moving in: We will hold back €500,- from your payment.
  • Canceling on day of arrival: We will keep the full payment of the rent. Your deposit will be refunded.
The content of these costs:
  • Transfer costs
  • Service costs
  • Administration costs
  • Contract costs
Don't hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution together!
Yes, every apartment/studio has its own router and TV signal box.
There is one kitchen pack already in your apartment and it is possible to buy a linen package from us. In principle you only have to bring your clothes, the rest is already in your apartment.
We love people, but unfortunately it is not allowed for an unregistered person to stay in your room.
It's not allowed to smoke inside anywhere in the building, you can only smoke outside. But it is healthier to quit smoking!
No, pets are not allowed. We do not bother about a goldfish, but we want to avoid (noise) disturbance.
We have a handyman who can fix everything. Please leave a service request in BLOXS. You can log in to BLOXS at the upper right of this page. Urgent? Do not hesitate to call +31 (0)88 178 00 00.
Email or call us. When you lock yourself out during office hours (Monday till Friday from 9 am till 5 pm) we will charge you €25,-. When you lock yourself out outside office hours we will charge you €175,-.

You need to transfer the costs within 2 days when this happens.

The costs for a new apartment key are €100, and €25 for a new meter cupboard key or mailbox key.
The extra costs will be €220,- per month for all apartments and studios. The content of these costs are:
  • Furniture rent: €60,-
  • Service costs (advance): €80,-
  • Electricity and water: €80,-
The deposit is the same as one month of rent (this includes the extra costs).
Your deposit will be returned within 1 month after the rental period has ended and proof of deregistration has been sent to our rental team.
It is possible but there are additional costs (€100,- per month) involved. Certain restrictions may apply to this.
No, it is your responsibility to clean your apartment. See it as a nice workout!
Your room will be inspected before your departure and it is possible that there are certain mid-term inspections. These are always announced.
There are different bed types and sizes at The Rumour. You can see which type and size of bed you get when you check out the apartment on Magis Rent!
There are personal mailboxes at the entrance of the terrain. To receive packages, there is an intercom system which you can use to open the front gate and door of the building with your phone.
No, but everybody has his own washing machine.
A personal Wi-Fi code is located on the top of your router.
Yes, there is parking space for residents, but against a fee of €75.00 per month. Because of this, guests cannot park their cars on the terrain. In some cases, there might be free parking spaces next to the street or in the neighborhood.
Go to 'Service portal' on the top right of this page. When you are logged in you will see a link where you can report repairs and complaints. With this link you can also see your details and rental agreement.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave;
  • Switch off electrical appliances you don't use;
  • A normal indoor temperature in The Netherlands is 19 degrees Celcius;
  • Addtionally, our handymen will often ask you to hand in empty batteries, so they can be properly recycled!

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